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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lord Marmalade by Holly Coley 2011

Casual Halo, 18''x24'' oil on panel, Holly Coley 2011
WWRD by Holly Coley 2011

Roy in Sequins and White Leather by Holly Coley 2011
Evaluate and Discuss the Technique and Process: I feel that this body of work references the history of religious painting tradition in that I draw from Byzantine art and Christian portraiture.
My process for these paintings were risky considering I used so many new processes and technique for the first time.  For instance: using projections, large scale works, gold leaf, the use of colored gesso instead of painting a ground on top of the gesso, the application of paint as make-up, and the use of several layers of paint, (usually I work in one or two thin layers), these paintings are working with more perspective and depth of field then past works because I was working directly from source material. Because I worked directly from photographs I projected a sketchy outline of each work in pencil before application of paint. 
Lorde Marmalade:  I felt that the completion of Lord Marmalade was risky because it has undergone so many changes and layers.  The only reason I took it as far as I did was because I decided to stop being so safe in my painting style and take risks such as painting over areas I thought were good enough on their own.
WWRD: This painting had a rocky start, this work has undergone more changes then any other. I didn't know completely what I wanted it to look like.  Putting the panel away for a month and coming back to it was a big help and helped me see my ideas more clearly.  The use of gold leaf was instrumental in rekindling my interest in this painting as well as finding success in painting the skin tone in green and cream, a feat I couldn't get my head around the first time.   I painted this work four times before finding what I was looking for.  In the making of this work I discovered a new process: I wiped it out, painted it again, sanded out parts I that didn't work, then finally added in the face of Roy with gold leaf and it all came together. I have been studying the Art of South Asia and feel that Hindu calender art greatly inspired me in this work because Roy does look like a hybrid Hindu god meets glam rocker with halo sort of character. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

LM in the final stages before completion.

Lorde Marmalade by Holly Coley

Lorde Marmalade by Holly Coley

Monday, April 18, 2011

Roy in Sequins and Leather

Roy in Sequins and Leather 2011, 30''x 24'', Oil on panel, Holly Coley

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lord Marmalade

Lord Marmalade 2011 Holly Coley



Lord Marmalade 2011

Brian Ferry
These paintings are the first of a series of painting from photographs.  There is something very satisfying about knowing what you are painting exactly down to the sun beam.  I am not saying that I am abandoning painting from memory but I am using this opportunity to learn about painting the figure in an environment that is already mapped out.  The subjects of these paintings are some of my favorite artists.  Lord Marmalade is unfinished at this point but I am interested in showing the process. 30''x30'' oil paint on panel 2011 Holly Coley.

Rock and Roll Spring

Roy Wood

Hair Made Of Water And Fire

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sketching with paint...

First sketch of "Wizzzard" 24''30'' 2011 Holly Coley
The painting is progressing but I'm not sure which way I would like it to go. The light in these photographs is very yellow and warms the image.  The original image is all cool colors, I am thinking of an apricot glaze.

Selection from 30 studies

Double Spade.

These are images of imagined fairy tales using Roy Wood as the subject.   Through the use of hair, make up, and costumes, I will create a mythological universe with Roy at its center that creates a visual narrative that will explore some of my favorite subjects such as transvestism, glam rock, mysticism, and heightened states of male sexuality/emotional sensitivity.  I will convey these subjects through my use of color and painting style. 


Here I've painted Roy as my cat Fran.

Naked Roy.

Roy twins dressed for Swan Lake.

Roy twins gathering wild flowers while still dressed in Swan Lake costumes.

Mystical arrangement in Roy's hair.

Getting a feel for the make up.

Swam Lake detail sketch.

Roy twins as space travelers.

Roy twins riding a swan that is playing the saxophone in Swan Lake costumes.

Twin detail.

Swan Lake costumes.

Make up study.

Color sketch.

Bound by joy.

Comfort when the curtain comes down.